Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lack of sympathy

So we all hear the stories.  They are all over the news.  But here's one that happened close to where I live and has affected some people that I know.  A woman is driving her son, her niece, and 2 other unrelated children to the movies.  She is talking on the phone and not paying much attention to her driving.  She loses control, hits a creek embankment and consequently kills herself and her niece and leave the other 3 in critical condition.  It has also been determined that NOONE in the car was wearing a seatbelt.  Now this woman was a little older than I, but yet didn't have the responsibility to say, "Hey, I am in the care of someone else's children.  I should do everything I possibly can to keep these precious people safe."  It almost seems like she was trying to be the "cool mom."  "No, you don't have to wear a seatbelt." 

Recently, I was asked to carpool my neighbor kids to school in the morning, but I had to refuse because the seatbelt in the middle of my backseat will not latch and I refuse to be the cause of hurting someone's child.

I'm sorry to all the people that were so horribly affected by this accident and it kills me inside to know that this could have easily been a loved one of mine, but I can't help but know that if it were one of my loved one, my anger would be so much more than it is now.  God Bless each of you who have sympathy for this woman's negligence in her untimely death.  I Don't.  Lord, forgive my anger.  I don't know if I'm wrong in being angry at her, but I honestly wish she would not have died so she could live with and hopefully learn from the devastation she has caused these 5 families.